Lucid Diagnostic Imaging Services
is an ICAELŽ and ACRŽ accredited laboratory committed to providing high-quality cardiovascular imaging.
Operating in over 30 locations throughout New Jersey, Lucid works with several of the largest and most respected medical groups in the state. Common goals of exceptional patient care, the use of skilled sonographers and quality ultrasound equipment forge long-term relationships between Lucid and its clients.
Our commitment to excellence in diagnostic imaging continues with the interpreting physicians. Lucid works only with cardiologists, radiologists, and vascular surgeons from ICAELŽ, ICAVLŽ and ACRŽ credentialed labs. These physicians completed fellowship programs and have extensive clinical experience.
Utilizing state of the art technology enables studies to be electronically delivered to the interpreting physicians and for final reports to be prepared and disseminated to ordering doctors in a timely fashion.

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